Ten Rules for Cheaper Eats

13 May

1.  I will have one restaurant meal per week, which will will cost no more than $20.00.  (Two $10.00 meals are not allowed, or any other similar combination.)

2.  I will have a beverage budget of $10.00 per week.  (This is for coffee with friends, Sonic drinks, etc.)

3.  I will have a weekly grocery budget of $70.00 per week.  (This will also include items for my loving pet Megan, personal hygiene, and household maintenance.)

4.  I will use cash to track my restaurant, beverage and grocery budgets to make sure I stay on track!

5.  I will devote part of every Sunday to preparing for the next week.  (This will include any cooking, shopping, budgeting, etc. as needed.)

6.  I will try one new recipe per week. (I invite any and all suggestions here!)

7. I will severely limit processed foods at the grocery.  (There is no sense in replacing unhealthy things at a restaurant with unhealthy things in my pantry!)

8.  I will spend my lunch hour doing something either productive or enjoyable.  (Sometimes maybe both!)

9.  I will set myself up for success every day by planning what I will eat and bringing it to work with me!

10.  I will post a weekly Facebook status for the next thirty days to help with personal accountability.

Very truly yours,

Sarah E.


One Response to “Ten Rules for Cheaper Eats”

  1. heathermac72401 May 14, 2012 at 2:24 am #

    Good luck, girl! You got this!

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