Day #1–Schleppin’ Ain’t Easy

15 May

So, yesterday I made my grocery list, went to the store with it, and stayed well below my budget for the week.  This tells me that I actually have no idea how much money I should set aside for groceries.  Oh well, I will worry about that another time.

What I did notice is that I had to practically slap myself to keep from putting things in my basket that were not on my list.  It was terrible–I was really surprised to see how impulsively I would have shopped had I not had a list.  Thank goodness I went to Bill’s Fresh Market so I could avoid the entire Health & Beauty section at Wal-Mart.  That is my downfall right there.  Like I really need any more of THAT stuff.  One time I took all of the lip glosses out of my purse and counted them in front of a friend of mine in an absurd confessional display and there were 18 of them.  If I never bought another eyeshadow quad I would have enough for me and all of my female friends until our deaths, so obviously I am aware that impulsive spending is a problem for me in Health & Beauty–I just didn’t know it extended into the frozen foods as well.

After I made it home, I began cooking.  I made a roast, an easy and delicious standby that I know will last for an entire week of suppers.  I got standard breakfast, lunch and snack foods, and in an effort to stick to my promise to make it easy on myself, I packed all of my lunches and snacks for the entire week and took them to work this morning.

Now, for those of you who know me, you know I carry a huge purse and a tote bag with me every day.  I remember when I started a new job and walked in one day, a coworker asked me if I had gone shopping before work, and I am sure it is because I was carrying so much junk with me.

Well, this morning even I was embarrassed.  I was carrying my big purse and tote.  This tote is so large that I can carry my friend’s five-year-old daughter in it, and today the tote was FULL.  I had my gym clothes, five lunches and five snacks, along with various and sundry daily necessities  in this thing, and it was so heavy that by the time I got to my desk on the third floor, my right arm had gone blue from lack of circulation.

I rushed into the office building, stashed my lunches and snacks in the fridge, and patted myself on the back because to quote my favorite British nanny, “Well begun is half done!” (but actually I think Aristotle said it first, and he was probably quoting a proverb, but I heard it from Mary Poppins first!)

Very truly yours,

Sarah E.


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