Day #2–Awkward is the New Cool

16 May

Today I resisted a lunch invitation, which is hard enough on its own, but this one was more difficult for two reasons:  it was from a new friend who I am really enjoying getting to know, and the total cost would have been about $5.00 each!

Luckily, my friend knew about my new budget and blog, so I didn’t have to worry about any hard feelings or about seeming weird over splitting hairs over a measly five bucks.  And she ended up going home and fixing herself a lunch that she said was delicious, so it saved us both some cash.

Up until this week, I usually spend my lunch hour one of two ways.

The first, and much more pleasant way, is to meet a friend at a restaurant (a favorite is Sue’s Kitchen), but it is not very fun to constantly watch the clock or to get the bill and feel bad for spending money on a meal that should have cost a fraction of what I pay.

The second, and much more frequent way, is for me to get into my car, and drive around aimlessly deciding where I want to eat.  Going home isn’t really an option, as I hardly have time to get across town and back during my lunch hour, much less eat anything.  After I decide where to eat, I end up spending anywhere between $7.00 and $10.00 for food that I don’t even want which I then scarf down in my car and later makes me feel like I need an afternoon nap.

Both of these options, on a regular basis, are really dumb.  So I can either move across town so I can go home for lunch every day, or I can continue to take my lunch to work.  (And since going home for lunch will start a terrible pattern of midday napping aside from the fact that moving is terribly inconvenient, I believe I will stick to my current plan.)

BUT this does bring up something I have noticed about lunching at work.

I feel awkward about it.

The truth is that while I am very, very thankful for the great break room (and future blog post topic) at my job, I feel weird sitting in there eating.  People walk in to get coffee and such, and are extremely nice, and I realize we are all using the break room for its intended purpose, but I just feel stupid sitting in there with my lunch box and whatever else it is that I drag in there with me.  (Kindle, notepad, purse, what have you).  I am sure I will get used to it, but still. . . .

Maybe after I do this for awhile I will sit in there and count all the money I am saving by brown bagging it.

Very truly yours,

Sarah E.


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